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Inspired by you

Inside and out, our home designs are inspired by you. But the inspiration goes further than creating stylish living spaces... you inspired us to make every step towards moving into your dream home easier, faster and stress-free.

Our complete home solutions are designed to give you complete satisfaction. From the first time you visit us, to the day you enjoy your first neighbourhood street party, you can feel proud that the reason your experience was such a joy, is because we've learned from you and our many thousands of happy customers like you.

That's why our colour schemes are prepared by expert interior designers and our inclusions are sourced from trusted, quality brands.

It's why you will have the peace-of-mind knowing that your home and all homes in your street will be beautifully landscaped and sit together in perfect harmony.

And, it's why you only have one contract for your home and land combined, with just a deposit at the start and no progress payments along the way.

Once you decide to start your new home journey, we'll be with you every step of the way.

About Villaworld Homes

Moments of Success


At Villa World, we want buying land or a new home to deliver a successful outcome for our customers. Some of them have shared their favourite ‘new home’ memories…

“It was at a standard we would have built ourselves.”

Jamie, Caren, Chloe


Success through value
"It was a really easy process, much easier than I ever expected it to be"

Tianna and Nathan

It's so easy!

There's over 100 steps involved when you build your own home.
But with Villaworld Homes, it's simple. We do it all for you!
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