10 Reasons To Buy With Villa World

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  • 19 January 2016

10 Reasons To Buy With Villa World

What does success really look like?....

When designing and building homes, Villa World do it with you in mind. We value what you want in life and aim to provide you with the highest quality home available on the market while creating a true haven for you to make unforgettable memories. Aside from our experience and expertise, here are some reasons why you should choose Villa World.

It’s easy!

Yes, buying a home can be easy! We’ve taken the guesswork out of the home buying process. All you have to do is choose your address and choose your home and we will take care of the rest. We provide you with the completed home in the complete address all with just one simple contract. If you want a process that’s easy and effective with professionals you can trust, choose Villa World.

Deal direct with the developer

Unlike many other developers, Villa World design and build your home for you, as well as guiding you through the buying process. Established in 1986, Villa World is Queensland’s oldest ASX listed developer and one of Australia’s largest housing providers. Over 40,000 people now call a Villa World address their home.

Know thy neighbour

When you buy your home with Villa World, you will know exactly what your neighbour’s home and every home in your street will look like, because we design and build every lot. This gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what your address will look like before it’s even been built!

14 addresses to choose from

Regardless of your location or where you want to buy, we probably have an address that caters to your needs. With 14 addresses in total you can either purchase from our large range of completed homes or a block of land to build your dream home on.

Over 30 new designs

We have a highly experienced team of designers who consistently aim to provide fresh and contemporary home designs that offer comfort and functionality while keeping up with the latest trends on the market. We aim to provide something for every preference, so you can be sure that we will have the perfect home for you and your family.

No vacant lots next door

We create and build complete addresses, every street will be complete with high quality landscaping, so there are never any vacant blocks around your home.

Earn rewards

When you purchase with Villa World, you have the choice to become a valued member of our Ambassadors Club, which means you have the opportunity to earn a $3000 reward every time you make a repeat purchase or refer a friend, that’s right, $3000 cash!

There’s no better feeling than buying brand new

There are few things in this world better than buying a brand new home where everything is fresh and exciting, plus it’s completely yours to start creating memories in with your family.

$0 for eligible first home buyers

If you qualify for the $15,000 Great Start Grant, Villa World may be able to help you out with your deposit at selected addresses. Simply choose the address you’re interested in and contact our sales team to find out if this is possible.

Designed and built for Australian families

Regardless of your location, every new home is tailored to where you live. This means we offer a combination of indoor and outdoor living areas to maximise your comfort and suit your lifestyle. 

For more information on our Villa World addresses and how you can find your new home today, visit