8 Home Design Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen

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8 Home Design Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen
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  • 30 May 2017

8 Home Design Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen

For most new home owners, decorating is high on the list of to do’s.  But where to start?  The best place to focus attention on is the kitchen.  The kitchen is not just the functional centre of many homes, with food preparation and storage, it is often the heart of the home, where we gather to talk and enjoy family time.


When purchasing a new home, you will be delivered a brand new kitchen, which is essentially a blank canvas to add your personal touch to. In most cases, the designers have done a great job and presented a balanced neutral colour palette that will appeal to most people. This is a perfect base for you to personalize. Here are a couple of easy tricks to enhanceyour kitchen and make it the center of your home.


1. Throw down a rug and match the towels

A great way to instantly add a splash of personality to your kitchen is the simple addition of a small rug in a colour or pattern of your choice and find complementarykitchen towels.


2. Coordinate appliances

While they may be called white goods, that doesn’t mean your toaster must dictate the colour palette of your kitchen. Why not funk up your appliances by going for colourful or retro-styled options?


3. Add a splash of colour to the walls

Not everyone is a gifted handyman, but if you know what you’re doing, a little bit of a fresh or moody colour can add some charm to your kitchen walls.


4. Add wood

A great way to add some warmth to the overall look of the kitchen is to introduce wood-based furnishings. A wooden stool and some wooden bowls can make a kitchen feel much friendlier in an instant.


5. Upgrade the tapware

What do your taps say about you? Chances are, your taps say little more than that you need water for the dishes from time to time. Luckily, there is a wide range of styles and materials available to liven up your sink, and there will certainly be one to match the taste and style of your kitchen.


6. Display some Plants

Add some life to your kitchen with living things. Small pot plants or a herb garden on your center island can make your kitchen feel more inviting and natural.


7. Get groovy with lighting

Suspending designer pendant lights above your center island or dining table can set the mood for a comfortable family dinner. Cleverly hidden LED strips underneath your benchtop overhangs or in cabinets and drawers can also help introduce subtle lighting into your kitchen.


8. Add a blackboard

If you’re looking for a stylish way to keep rosters, reminders and recipes, you can hang up a blackboard in the kitchen area to jot down your thoughts. You can also simply use blackboard paint on your walls.


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