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5 organising tips for your bathroom
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  • 18 November 2016

Buying with Villaworld Homes is so easy!

What comes to mind when you think of your family’s bathroom? Is it well organised or chaotic? Could your bathroom use an organisational overhaul? Why not spring clean your bathroom with some great ideas to get your bathroom into shape!

The two largest storage areas in the bathroom are the cupboards and drawers. Here are some quick and easy techniques that you can use to make sure that the whole family can find what they need in the bathroom.


Drawers in the bathroom can be chaotic and house various products and containers. Add an expandable drawer liner with different size compartments that will suit your toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair gels, make-up, and anything else that the kids throw in! As you organise, be sure to throw away anything that is old and expired – especially those medicines that have been around for too long.


Cupboards are renowned for products getting pushed further and further to the back. Who can reach this space and who knows what lies in the back of the bathroom cupboard? Trending now and available at various stores are versatile woven baskets or plastic tubs that can be placed in your cupboards and sorted to house toilet rolls, hair styling products, creams and lotions, the list goes on. Sort the storage out in to families of products and even remove the entire basket of items when you need to and place it back when you are finished. Less mess and less fuss. It will also present nicely when you open your cupboards - like a breath of fresh spring air!

Hair Accessories

With the school holidays fast approaching, hair ties and hair pins could be scattered everywhere within the bathroom. Get them under control with these two great ideas – use a carabiner or ring clip to hold ponytail holders in one place, without forgetting to throw away the old stretched out holders whilst you are organising. For those hair pins - a paper clip holder works a treat and you can have as many as you need organised neatly in your drawers.


Do you have a growing family or guests to stay? Need extra towel hanging space? Don’t overload your towel racks where they could stay wet and start to smell. Add towel hooks for a more permanent option or over the door towel racks for a quick solution. These are both inexpensive options, easy to install, and create a space for each family member or guest to hang their towel. No more fighting over whose towel is whose and your bathroom will remain fresh and dry!

Still need more space?

If you have a lot of bench space – why not utilise it! Invest in some stylish Apothecary Jars to hold necessities and daily use items like cotton balls, bath salts, soaps. You can make this an elegant feature on your bench and guests can help themselves to these items without having to hunt for them in your cupboards.

There are hundreds of ways to organise your bathroom, use these five to get you well on the way to an organised space!