Make Your Easter The Best Yet

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  • 23 March 2016

Make Your Easter The Best Yet

It’s hard to believe another year has passed since the Easter bunny last visited! Easter is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your family and friends and watch the little ones faces light up when there are chocolate eggs scattered mysteriously through the house! In light of traditional Easter celebrations, we have found some fun things to do that will make your Easter weekend a memorable one.

Good Friday

There’s an expectation on Good Friday that we avoid eating meat, which can be harder for some people than others, but with this delicious Salmon Mornay recipe from Jamie Oliver, you will love the no meat rule and the best part is, the kids will too! Check it out here

Easter Saturday

The day has arrived! The Easter Bunny (or Bilby) will be making his way to everyone's home tonight and probably delivering a month’s supply of chocolate eggs that will be lucky to last a week. Why not make it the visit extra exciting for the kids by leaving some bunny paw prints for them to wake up to!

All you have to do is get some paper plates and draw two oval shapes for the feet with three small circles above them for the toes then cut the shapes out so the feet are holes in the paper plate. Once you’ve done this, simply place them on the floor where you want them and sprinkle baby powder over the top. Voila! If you need some ideas for paw print shapes just check out this line for inspiration visit

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the holidays with family and enjoy an Easter feast! There’s not really a standard traditional Easter menu so it really depends on who’s catering as to what food is provided. One thing that’s certain though, is that everyone loves cupcakes and what better way to be festive than create bunny cupcakes for Easter. Check out this great recipe on Taste and we guarantee you’ll be popular with everyone on Easter Sunday!

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter, we hope the bunny visits your house!