The Buying Experience with Villa World

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The Buying Experience with Villa World
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  • 15 June 2016

The Buying Experience with Villa World

Villa World is one of Australia’s largest housing providers and we have been striving to provide a great buying experience for Australians since 1986.

Dean and Tanya Esterhuizen recently moved into their new home at Era, and described their buying experience with Villa World as a dream come true.

‘It’s everything that you could possibly want, it really does tick all the boxes,’ Deon said. Tanya loved the fact that she had this brand new home to decorate herself.

Villa World provides the completed product and all we ask for is one deposit and one final payment, that’s it.

When you buy a home with Villa World, you don’t just get a home. You get the completed home in the complete address, all with just one single contract. This is what most of our customers attribute their unforgettable buying experience to with Villa World.

We realise that buying a home can sometimes be seen as a difficult and stressful experience, which is why we aim to make it hassle free and enjoyable, so that you remember buying a home for all the right reasons.

 With 19 complete addresses located in high growth locations across Queensland and Victoria, you are sure to find the right lifestyle option for you.

Hear from some of our customers about why they loved their buying experience with Villa World.

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