Triple Treat: South East Queensland’s Property Market is Affordable, in Demand and Well Positioned for Growth

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Triple Threat: South East Queensland’s Property Market is Affordable, in Demand and Set for Growth
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  • 10 September 2018

Triple Treat: South East Queensland’s Property Market is Affordable, in Demand and Well Positioned for Growth

Property prices, in the simplest terms, are a result of supply and demand. Finding an ideal property, whether it’s a part of an investment portfolio or to become the family home, means buying with these factors in mind. Right now, the property market in Queensland’s south east region is experiencing a good combination of affordability, demand and potential for growth. When considering purchasing a new property to take advantage of these conditions, dealing direct with the developer means an easy, hassle-free journey to owning that new place.

There are a few critical factors which make or break the property market in South East Queensland, as is the case with much of the country. These include lifestyle, employment opportunities, infrastructure and amenities. Much to the delight of property investors throughout Queensland, the south east is well supplied with each of these, providing residents with the ideal ingredients for work-life balance. From raising a family to building a business, South East Queensland is uniquely positioned to offer something for everyone, and all nestled between the iconic natural beauty spots, the Sunshine and Gold Coasts. It’s no wonder that the property outlook continues to be positive. In fact, the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office predicts that Queensland’s population is projected to grow from 4.5 million persons in 2011 to between 6.2 million and 7.3 million persons by 2036. Continuing growth is expected to result in a population of between 8.0 million (low series) and 11.3 million persons (high series) by 2061. That will equate to an additional 2 million residents calling the sunshine state home between 2016 and 2041, which is great news for the property market going forward.

Of course, a growing population needs adequate job opportunities, amenities and transport links. Fortunately, South East Queensland is seeing growth in each of these areas, with a number of new schools having been built in the last 8 years, and more planned for the coming decade. The road and public transport networks in and around South East Queensland are expanding and being updated as we speak, and jobs growth within the region is some of the most promising in the country. In the Moreton Bay area alone, for example, the job market is expected to grow by 54.4% over the next 25 years.

The growth in property sales has also been consistently promising for the South East Queensland region, with buyers flocking from other states to invest or occupy some of the most affordable urban property in the country. With Sydney and Melbourne housing pricing many first-time buyers and investors out of the market, Queensland is a hot option. South East Queensland in particular is so attractive because of its air, rail and local transport links and second-to-none lifestyle options. The Gold Coast, for example, saw a 13% increase in buyers seeking property in 2017, and the outlook for 2018 and beyond is just as promising.

So, with so much demand for property in this beautiful part of the world, it’s surprising just how affordable homes can be. Much of this is due to the steady input of new residential communities by developers like Villa World. With recently-released land in communities like the Gold Coast’s Arundel Springs, and Logan’s Killara, Chambers Ridge and Covella, (plus many more) there’s a staggering amount of choice for buyers. Of course, buyers have the option of either building their own home, purchasing an existing property, or buying a house and land package from a specialist. Whilst each option has its own merits, building a new home with a dedicated specialist like Villa World is both incredibly affordable, and a worthwhile investment for the future. Working with Villa World means keeping costs under control, tailoring the home to suit your specific needs, and avoiding any unexpected surprises. For buyers looking to break into the South East Queensland property market, Villa World is a clever choice. The master planned communities by Villa World offer residents smart design, from the green spaces created for outdoor living, to the architecturally-designed homes which offer something for families of all sizes and stages in life.

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