• 17 January 2019

Villa World supports Gold Coast Hospital Foundation

VILLA WORLD has thrown its support behind the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation (GCHF), donating $7,500 for the production of a children’s book which will raise much needed funds for patients who rely on the foundation.

The Gold Coast-based publicly listed developer was quick to support the production of the book entitled The Very Stripy Dachshund after learning the author had experienced first-hand the support of the GCHF upon being diagnosed with brain cancer.

While undergoing treatment, author Lisa Gilmer wrote The Very Stripy Dachshund which was inspired by her very own dachshund Maddy.

The book was a means for Miss Gilmer to pay it forward, and give back to the foundation which provided her transport to and from treatment appointments for three years.

Miss Gilmer said the Cancer Patient Transport Service made it possible for her to endure regular, ongoing appointments and treatment since leaving the hospital.

“I couldn’t have done it without Gold Coast Hospital Foundation because their bus service and staff are awesome,” Miss Gilmer said.

“You can’t get to the hospital without them and you can’t rely on other people. You need this service to get you there and I couldn’t have done this without them.

“With little means to support myself and Mum unable to work because she was caring for me it has been an extremely challenging and stressful situation and the Cancer Patient Transport Service is an absolute lifeline,” she said.  

The Cancer Patient Transport Service makes more than 7,000 journeys – helping local patients get to and from hospital for vital treatement each year. The Gold Coast Hospital Foundation partnered with Villa World to produce the first 1000 copies of The Very Stripy Dachshund book.

The book is a light-hearted children’s story which takes its readers on a farm journey where they meet an array of weird and wonderful animals including a zebra striped dachshund.

Villa World general manager of sales and marketing Robyn Valmadre said Villa World had been inspired by Lisa’s story and were proud to be sponsoring such an important book.

“Giving back to our community is very important to us and we’re privileged to be in a position where we can provide a helping hand to those in need,” Mrs Valmadre said.

“The funds from book sales will go directly to the GCHF which will assist in providing services like transport for patients undergoing treatment and necessary items within the wards as well.

“It’s a touching story to hear that Lisa put in the effort to write this book purely for the benefit of others in what would have been a truly testing time and we’re incredibly proud to have supported such a worthy cause,” she said.

The Very Stripy Dachshund can be purchased from the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation for $15.

GCHF is a local not for profit organisation that exists to relieve distress and hardship for Gold Coast patients and their families facing medical emergencies in Gold Coast public hospitals. The Foundation achieves this with the help of the Gold Coast community where funds are raised to purchase medical equipment, and fund health projects including medical research that helps Gold Coast Health medical staff deliver world class care.

The foundation, which makes around $1 million in disbursements annually, most recently funded a special calming space, complete with couches, kitchen and bathroom facilities, at the university hospital to help support and soothe families of critically unwell children.

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